The Eden Project, which is only a few miles from The Gatehouse Cottage, is one of the most exciting and innovative projects to take place, not only in Cornwall, but the entire United Kingdom.

Described as 'a global garden for the 21st century and beyond' the Eden Project has been created to give people the opportunity to discover mankind's relationship with plants. It comprises of a number of 'biomes', architecturally unique greenhouses in which exotic plants from all over the world are grown.

The brainchild of Tim Smit, who also developed the popular Lost Gardens of Heligan, the project covers the area of approximately thirty football pitches deep within the confines of a disused china clay pit.

See plantlife from the Brazilian rain forests, the Mediterranean, South Africa, California and many other climates from around the world. Classrooms, conference centres and exhibitions will very soon be available at the site, and it is also rumored that the final sequence of the next James Bond film will also be filmed at the Eden Project, helping to establish it as a world famous tourist attraction.

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